New look for Looduskalender

Nature changes colours every year. The Looduskalender web however appears to have been travelling in an orbit that is somewhat more remote from the sun, and the colours and look have remained the same for nearly five years.
As of today the new LK web season is open.
The new web has a little larger images, an updated header, clearer access to the cameras, a collection of links at the bottom of the page and a form to send us your observations from nature which can be accessed from the right-hand column. These are some of the immediately noticeable changes. Faster page loading, a better image on large screens and some other odds and ends hopefully make viewing Looduskalender even more pleasant.
If something that does not work quite as it should still remains hidden in some corner  please let us know.
Translation: Liis




Minu looduskalender

Aita teha Looduskalendrit - saada oma tähelepanekud ümbritseva looduse kohta. Vajadusel lisa pilt või video.

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