A good reason to go bog rambling

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Cloudberry Rabamurakas
All reasonably knowledgeable “bog fans“ have their own cloudberry locations, kept as something of a secret. Chamaemorus means "with scented berries“ and that is precisely what fully ripe cloudberries are. As regards the amount of vitamins is certainly comparable to blackcurrants...

In North Estonia the cloudberry fruits are still reddish and hard. Honey yellow and juicy when fully ripe, over-ripe berries are greyish yellow – in the old days they were called „pusheads“. Each part of the aggregate of drupes consists of a large seed and juicy surrounding flesh and there may be from one to thirty of them, but only one “berry“ at the tip of each shoot. The leaves of the cloudberry are dark green and crinkled with five to seven blunt-tipped lobes; there is nothing much to confuse it with. Plentiful cloudberry years come at intervals of three to five years.




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