About seashore plants

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Sea sandwort and lyme-grass. Harilaid
Sea sandwort Merehumur      

The sea sandwort is a flowering plant and grows on sandy or pebbly shores. It seems like a desert plant, and there are similarities.
What can a desert plant not do without? Thick and waxy leaves and stems, the water reserve must be held somewhere, or a root system that would reach more than 10 metres deep down. The sea sandwort has both  ... and in  addition very regularly placed nice leaves.

Lyme-grass is the helper of many other plants. Its rhizomes prevent the dune sands from moving and prepare the ground for the growth of other plants. It is a classical dune grass representative, with a strong stem and stiff leaves covered with a bluish wax layer to prevent evaporation of valuable water.




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