Weekend's nature observations

Text and photos: Toivo Tuberik, Viitina Loodushariduskeskus
Translation: Liis
 Dyeball Värv-hernesseen      
In this dry period the forests are nearly empty of fungi, only locally there are chanterelles in south-eastern Estonia.
Thus it is even more surprising to meet a myco-organism that is difficult if not impossible to see as a fungus on a first encounter. In a completely dry period it manages to find sufficient energy in pure sand and a sandy environment to bring out its fruiting bodies.
Aesthetically here is no beauty at a first glance, but much to wonder at however.

According to experts the dyeball is not rare, but we simply have not learnt to see it. It is certainly fragile. Even where these specimens were found, in a sand pit, evidently children had crushed several more while jumping into the sand.





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