Seeing harvestmen

Photo: Arne Ader
 Translation: Liis
 Harvestmen Koibik      
The harvestmen have oval, sturdy bodies, with eight thin,  segmented legs that regrettably very easily come loose from the body. Sometimes we meet six- or seven-legged harvestmen whose movements are somewhat groping, but they still manage. The harvestmen do not count as spiders because they lack the glands needed spinning a net and also the poison glands of spiders.
The „non-spiders“ are active in the darkness of the night, in daytime they huddle stiffly in shadowy, damp places. Colour varies from dark grey to black.
Harvestmen are practically omnivores – catching small insects that they can cope with, feeding on dead animals, fungi, also excrements ...

What do harvestmen remind people of to-day – the robots that are used to investigate the ground of other planets...




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