Parasol mushroom

Text and photo: Toivo Tuberik
 Translation: Liis
Parasol mushroom
Parasol mushroom Suur sirmik      
The parasol mushroom is one of the most impressive mushrooms in our forests, not only because of its proudly majestic looks but also because of its excellent culinary qualities.
It grows mostly in sandy areas, at meadow and forest verges, roadsides. There is practically no risk of confusing it with other mushrooms. Yet the parasol mushroom is feared because of its ring or collar, but that is from ignorance. It can turn out to be a poisonous agaric mushroom only if you see a sheath at the bottom of the stem.
The specimen in the photo, from Ristna on Hiiumaa, is among the tallest that I have ever seen; it could even be photographed comfortably from under the cap!
Much more can be learnt about mushrooms at the Rõuge Mushroom Week that starts on September 5.

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