Rõuge mushroom days in focus 4

Text and photos: Urmas Tartes

Translation: Liis

You have to be patient in the mushroom forest. True, mushrooms grow rapidly but the time must mostly be measured in days all the same. So it is worthwhile to revisit mushrooms that you visited a few days ago. You will see how time according to mushrooms proceeds. Today I visited again the mushrooms that I photographed three days ago. Pholiotas and a tiny polyporus fungus grow on the birch trunk. In three days the Pholiotas have stretched their tiny scaly domes into proud umbrellas. By contrast the little white polyporus is still exactly the same size.

Lemon-yellow pholiotas (Pholiota limonella) on birch trunk.
Three days ago only a glimpse of the pale-coloured stem of the sheathed woodtuft-to-be was to be seen through a hole in the birch leaf. In three days the shy little mushroom has grown into a sturdy youngster who looks ever more boldly above the birch leaf.

Sheathed woodtuft (Pholiota mutabilis) behind birch leaf.

This weekend at least you too might take the time to get out and watch how the mushroom period progresses. For this the Rõuge mushroom days suit nicely. In addition to the exhibition there will be talks on eating mushrooms as well as the use of fungi as dyes. The mushroom forest is always interesting.

There are already 222 species of fungi on show in the exhibition.




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