Rõuge mushroom days in focus 5

Text and photos: Urmas Tartes
Translation: Liis

The mushroom week has reached its peak. Master cook Angelica took a large basket of gypsy mushrooms and began to charm ever more new dishes from them. From soups to mushroom sauce. The sauce was truly such that even eaters with a moderate inclination towards mushroom dishes took a second helping. And Airi’s mushroom-dyed yarns and knittings breathed both forest peace and home warmth.  And surely the forest is a comforting home.

Gypsy mushrooms (Rozites caperatus).

Mushroom sages have enjoyed mushrooms in the forest for a week, brought them to the exhibition and taught enthusiasts. It seems that the mushroom community recognises this too. How else could tens and tens of the freckled dapperling come to grow nearly straight under the windows of the Vitina Nature Education Centre. Even for very experienced mushroom experts this was a first-time sight.


Freckled dapperling (Lepiota aspera syn. Echinoderma asperum).
Sunday was the last chance to take part in the Rõuge mushroom week activities. But all are welcome to the mushroom forest on their own too. Your mind rests here and finds energy for new enterprises.




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