To the beginning of calendar autumn

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Reed banks at the shore in Kavaru village
Calendar autumn begins on September 23, at 12.04 pm
Phenological early autumn begins with the lengthening of nights and a lessening of day warmth, and the appearance of coloured leaves on trees. Migrant birds that have nested here gather in flocks to teach the young birds, feed for the journey and then by and by with suitable tailwinds set to leave.  
The most beautiful days of autumn, the "old wives summer“ or Indian summer, can be enjoyed on sunny days at intervals, with luck even until mid-October. In forest bogs berry-picking season goes on and in mushroom forests mushroom pickers roam about.
Late autumn begins with the large-scale fall of tree leaves. The development of plants is arrested, hardening for the winter rest period begins. Geese leave and swan migration goes on. Salmon family fish start their spawning.

Prewinter begins with the first major snowfall.




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