Seeing autumn mushrooms

Text and photo: Toivo Tuberik
Translation: Liis
Trooping funnel
Trooping funnel; Monk's head
Sirge lehtrik      
Among edible fungi of late September the trooping funnel or monk’s head is a little known species. In a dusky late evening forest they seem like guides to deceptive paths, standing in long lines or circles to entice you into still deeper woods. This is one of the most beautiful of white mushrooms. With their exceptionally regular structure they convey an impression of dignity and confidence.
Rising, pillar-like, from the grass like baobabs in an African forest, they cannot be confused with any other white mushroom. As young the mushroom has a small, beret-like cap on a very long and powerful stalk. On aging the brims of the wide cap turn strongly upwards, truly deserving the name of  funnel.

From a culinary point of view the trooping funnel is valuable too – prepared hot, it turns pleasantly aromatic. Parboiling or soaking is not needed.




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