Autumn goose time

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Greylag goose
Bean goose
 Greylag goose
 Bean goose
The greylag geese are the largest of our grey geese, the bean geese are just a little smaller and their plumage leaves a much darker impression. We will try to bring out the differences between the migrants.
Looking at the flight triangles of wild geese we see for greylag geese the light front edge of the wings clearly and the loud cackling sounds somehow familiar – we have to do with the ancestors of domestic geese.
Looking at Arne’s photos you can describe the characteristics on your own. If you are lucky and manage to see the cautious birds feeding on the ground the young birds can be separated from the adults by their greyish-pink legs.

The bean geese "trumpet“ nasally, are dark in flight view and the photos below are quite good for a comparison.

Greylag geese
Bean geese
A few days ago we had an article about the white-fronted geese, 
They also migrate together in mixed flocks.
Bean geese and greater white-fronted geese




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