Tonight we can see the Draconids

Translation: Liis
There is good reason tonight to study the starry sky – the peak of the Draconids meteor shower is between 22.30 and 23.30. See the cloud chart below: at least in the north-western part of the mainland the sky may be clear although the moonlight may disturb a little, but that we will see already in the evening.
Look to the southwest, or the Draco constellation, and look up about 50 degrees above the horizon. Astronomers predict a shower of five hundred to a thousand meteors per hour – of course a large part of them will stay unnoticed by us but if visibility is good the shower may be richer than the Leonids in August.

If clouds sholud  interfere with the show you can follow a direct stream transmission:

Saturday 8.10, 21-24. Cloud cover in %.  Arrows – direction of wind.

The weather chart has been compiled on the basis of NOAA mathematical models.




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