Until Saturday photos can be submitted to the Bird of the Year contest


Dear bird friends!
Now that most swallows have left Estonia the Estonian Ornithological Society in cooperation with the NGO Fotokeskkond ask all to please review their summer photo collections and participate in the photo contest with the swallow as theme.
These are the last days to submit photos of this year’s bird, the barn swallow, but also of the house martin and the sand martin and the swift to the contest. The main award of the contest goes to the best photo of the barn swallow. Three awards will be handed out in each of two age groups. In addition special prizes will be given for the themes “Swallow in the air“, “My home swallow“, "Swallow portrait“, "Migrating swallows here and elsewhere“.
More information about the rules and submission of photos can be found at http://www.eoy.ee/suitsupaasuke/fotokonkurss/
Hurry! Photos can be submitted until this Saturday, that is October 15!
The event is part of the project “Bird of the year 2011“.

On behalf of the team of the Bird of the Year project

Meelis Uustal




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