Great tit troops

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Great tit in hawthorn
Great tit
Great tits are essentially forest birds but – being curious – they have learnt to get along successfully with humans. Many of the tits breeding here, particularly the young birds, have migrated southwards. The winter number of great tits is roughly twice greater than the number of summer nesters; the wintering birds that have already arrived and are arriving come from the north or east.
In autumn they move and keep busy in groups but the bonds between group members are weak and the birds always keep a suitable distance to each other, for instance when feeding in trees. A threatening pose is shown to other tits that happen to stray too close, or sometimes it results in a minor brawl. Everyone finds their own separate night spot, in a tree hollow, log stack, empty nesting box – all sheltered spots are good.

So they prepare for the winter, and such places are found near human communities.




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