Can't be confused with other willows

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Bay willow
Bay willow
These ripe seeds remain on the bay willow until spring, as the only one among willows. A good identification characteristic in the leafless period.
The bay willow is quite common in Estonia, it grows on the banks of waters, in damp meadows: in rather wet environments. It is either a high and dense, rounded shrub, up to five metres high and dioecious or, more seldom, a low tree, occasionally reaching up to twelve metres. The bark of larger trees is reddish brown to dark brown, in older age fissured and characteristically scaly with criss-cross ridges.
Moreover, the shoots are glossy as if they were lacquered, greenish or reddish brown in colour.

Typically all shrub-like willows are called "paju“ in Estonian and growing as trees  - "remmelgas“.




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