Autumn doings of raccoon dogs

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Raccoon dog
Raccoon dog
This year’s young animals became independent at the end of summer; the ”tots” out on their own, either singly or siblings together, could then be seen hanging about or as gleaming eyes in the car headlights on roadsides. It is a place where food is easy to find – or careless animals may themselves become that ...
The main time has gone into preparations for winter, that is, fattening oneself. The young must find a free territory for themselves. From October the adults are again in pairs and winter together in established areas.

The inner fur or undercoat of the winter coat gets its winter thickness in November and the all-eaters have stuffed themselves quite comically fat. When the cold arrives raccoon dogs settle down to winter sleep, when the weather is warmer again they trudge around a bit.




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