Tit camera

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 Great tit

  Parus major 

The Kohtla - Järve Slavic Elementary School cares for the winter birds, as shown by the web camera:
The best known and most numerous winter bird at our bird feeders is the great tit. The little feathered friends weigh up to some twenty grams. In the mornings they are the first visitors at the feeder. Sometimes the doings of the birds in the early morning are only heard.
But the birds are very alike, can they be distinguished from each other?

An adult male bird can be distinguished by the black and broad band on the belly and at the feeder its behaviour is dominating too. The females and young birds with not yet fully developed plumage have a narrower belly stripe but this is certainly not an absolute rule

Photos: Arne Ader
Compare the great tits in the images:
Translation: Liis




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