Raccoon dogs on Forest Camera

Web camera image: Bleggi, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Raccoon dog
Kärikkoer ehk kährik      
By and by we will introduce the guests seen at the feeding ground.
Directly at the opening of the camera we saw a raccoon dog couple; the female was more cautious and stayed in the brushwood, probably the lights were something new to it and made it wary. Yesterday a new raccoon dog pair appeared. They have got on quite well between themselves but some little quarrelling happens all the same. Even if not in view of the camera we can still hear it. The ones in the middle seem to be males and the outer ones females. The couple to the right came yesterday.
We wrote about the autumn doings of raccoon dogs some time ago, just in case someone missed it:
In November the “family planning period“ of boars starts, more about that in the next few days.
About the history of raccoon dogs in Estonia see also http://www.looduskalender.ee/en/node/2924, Fame and fall of the raccoon dog.




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