Fox in Forest Camera

Webcam image and video: Fleur, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Fox; Red fox   Rebane or punarebane   Vulpes vulpes
Early in the morning, a little before seven o’clock and after the raccoon dogs and wild boars, the fox made its tour of the grounds.
The fox has a very sharp hearing and sense of smell for observing its surroundings. Its sight is quite good but an observer who is standing motionless is not noticed by the fox; however, the smallest movement is registered in an instant.  Added to all this comes an excellent memory and almost incredibly fast reactions.
Foxes are highly adaptable and if needed omnivores. In nature the autumn-winter menu consists of small rodents and leftovers from large predators but also vegetable food. The video shows that cereals are not scorned. Until late winter foxes live individually and are active from dusk.

Fox on feeding ground:




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