Winter bird feeder camera guests - Great tit

Photos: Arne Ader
 Translation: Liis
Great tit
Rasvatihane      Parus major
Let us start with the great tit, known to all.
The winter population of great tits is estimated at more than half a million birds and in milder years many more may stay for the winter. We will get more accurate information from the winter bird count.
The great tit weighs up to some twenty grams; as comparison to the other birds seen in the camera.
In the morning dusk an older male bird that has stayed nearby for the night will be the first guest at the bird feeder. Sometimes the early morning doings are only to be heard.
Great tits are very similar, can they be distinguished from each other?
Adult males can be known from their black and broader under-belly stripe and their behaviour in the bird feeder is dominating. Female birds and young birds with not yet fully developed plumage have a much narrower and uneven belly stripe, but this cannot be taken as an absolute rule.

In winter the great tits with their small beaks do not manage very well in the forest, so they gather in cities and communities. For the night there are balcony corners in the city, woodpiles in villages with firewood heating, thousands of places to find shelter and you are closer to the food too. Last but not least it is important too that in winter it is some degrees warmer in cities.




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