Winter bird feeder camera guests - Blue tit

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Blue tit
Blue tit
Sinitihane      Parus caeruleus

The winter number of blue tits is estimated at 150 000 birds and upwards.
The weight of a blue tit is nearly half less than that of great tits, staying at about ten grams. A part of the winterers come closer to human settlements. In nature we can meet blue tits in winter in large reed banks.
Blue tits are early morning active. When the first great tits have visited the bird feeder it is the turn of the wary, shyer but defter blue tits. Quickly it grasps the seed, and is gone.
The sky blue crown is circled by a white headband and the cheeks are white (male birds sometimes raise the blue feathers on the top of their head). A black eye streak and a black patch under the chin, a little bluish colour at the nape. The back shimmers in green, tail and wing feathers darker blue. Belly yellow, with a dark little band.

Adult birds that have nested spend the winter together and in spite of their small size they are belligerent when necessary, fighting for their place at the feeder. Larger and slower birds know to avoid the small but sharp beak and claws.




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