Winter bird feeder camera guests - Willow tit

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Willow tit
Põhjatihane     Parus montanus
The marsh tit that was introduced yesterday and the willow tit are confusingly similar. If they can be observed carefully it is useful. Willow tits are not particularly frequent bird feeder visitors but it cannot be said either that they would not at all go there to snatch seeds.
The winter number of willow tits is large, varying with the years both upwards and downwards from half a million birds. The birds arriving here for winter increases the number of summer breeders by some times. Only the number of great tits is larger.
What differences should be noted on comparing with the marsh tit? The black pate of the willow tit is dully black, the head plumage of the marsh tit is glossier. The cheeks are more broadly white, reaching to the nape. The beard under the chin is broader. On the wings we notice pale lengthwise stripes that the marsh tits lack.
Bird man Hannes Margusson who has followed the winter bird feeder cam has described noticing the willow tit very aptly:
„A little while ago I saw the willow tit at the bird feeder. At first I heard a call from the computer "di-dää-dää, di-dää-dää"; I opened the webcam window and soon the little guy was there. Large black chin patch with blurred edges and lighter wing patches, all nicely to be seen“.

In winter they look for food in coniferous forests, often in mixed flocks of tits. When other tits are busy in the crowns of the trees the willow tits can also be seen at tree trunks. The little birds have reason to be there since willow tits collect reserves for poor days and hide seeds of coniferous trees in bark crevices.




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