Winter bird feeder camera guests - Nuthatch

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Nuthatch with sunflower seed
Nuthatch; Eurasian nuthatch
Puukoristaja      Sitta europaea
Nuthatches are very faithful to their breeding area and guard their territory the year round; so we often see a pair in action at the bird feeder. Together with the birds that arrive from the north because of the scarcity of food their number in winter is estimated at a hundred thousand or a couple of hundred thousand birds. They seldom appear on the western islands.
A little heavier than the great tit, 20-25 grams. The body of the nuthatch is streamlined, the tail short. The top of teh head and back are bluish-grey, underparts white, rustcoloured on the sides and under the tail. The female and male are similar. One of the few birds that is able to move head downwards on trees, leaning on the tail for balance.
A rather early bird feeder guest in mornings, picks up several seeds in the beak to go and hide them or to eat them in peace somewhere. Quarrelsome birds of other species calm down when the nuthatch arrives – the boss is in place. It seems that the nuthatch especially likes oats, but almost any kind of seed or lard will do.

The nuthatch is a daredevil – it doesn’t fear humans or cats, it knows its home environments and the inhabitants there well. Who has time and interest can train a nuthatch to take food from the hand..





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