Ancient shapes

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Tamme-Lauri oak

Oak; Pedunculate oak
Harilik tamm     Quercus robur
Who dares say that there is nothing to see in nature? The tree giants have been torn naked and their silhouettes are awe-inspiring.
The Urvaste Tamme-Lauri oak grows on a flat field behind the Urvaste schoolhouse, at the Urvaste-Kanepi road. Whether it is a grove tree or a tree god, it is the last silent witness of the oak forest that once grew there. Tamme-Lauri’s crown is seventeen metres wide, the height is the same although the tip was broken off long ago. The circumference of the trunk at breast height is eight metres, or, to embrace the giant a chain of five men would be needed.

If some little oak-to-be germinated this year and has a good loamy site and much luck in growing, that tree might look similar in the year 2712 ...




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