Haircap moss - well known

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
First snow at Salupeaksi. Nigula nature reserve

Common haircap moss; Great Goldilocks
Harilik karusammal      Polytrichum commune
Many go out in the forests to look for a Christmas tree. The mosses will surely be noticed.
Haircap moss is a plant of damp habitats and almost certainly a mark of bog formation in a forest. The haircap mosses with their beautiful deep green colour and dense growth form a luxurious star-patterned carpet. The stems are upright and rigid, in places quite high. The leaves, with sharp tips, are more than ten millimetres long.

We find the haircap moss in bog and transition bog forests and on the banks of water bodies in the process of becoming bogs. It is common everywhere in Estonia, seven haircap moss species grow here but only the researchers know the differences – to a nature friend all haircap mosses are very similar.




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