Stormy tale

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Stormy sea.
The long day of storm is reaching evening; there will be winds tomorrow too from a sky with some clouds.
From midnight a southerly - southwesterly roof-rattling wind blew. The water level in the Danish straits is not so high that very dangerous flooding might be expected. In early morning the wind turned westerly and on the north coast gusts of up to 30 m/s occurred. The highest water level in the Gulf of Finland was at midday. We will see what early morning will be like tomorrow, as the wind turns northwest with the movement of Patrick.
Air warmth was rather evenly distributed at midday: in the north nearly eight degrees, in the south just below ten degrees.
With sun nature was brightly coloured. The ground is „rotten“ and storm Patrick felled many conifers. Forest dwellers keep in shelter from yesterday on, likewise our feathered friends. Mute swans have gathered in protected bays and groups of herring gulls and seagulls patrol at the shores....
Some sixty thousand households are without electricity. Karukose was the first of our cameras to lose its image, and no wonder. In early morning Käsmu and Otepää were lost. Later in the day the new camera being tested no longer sent any signals. The only image that we can see is from the Forest Camera, but even there the view is monotonous and unexciting – animals don’t move in such weather.




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