Winter bird feeder camera guests – Tree sparrow

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Tree sparrow
Tree sparrow
Põldvarblane     Passer montanus
The tree sparrow is our native country sparrow and their numbers have not decreased with the years. The more towards east and south it is, the more often we meet them. In western Estonia they are more scarce and on the islands we meet tree sparrows only seldom. The winter number is estimated at around two hundred thousand birds. A little smaller than the greenfinch, weighing about twenty-thirty grams. We compare them to greenfinches because, like them, tree sparrows don’t come to the bird feeder just to snatch a seed but usually spend some more time there. In winter they often move in flocks together with domestic sparrows.
Tree sparrows look pretty. The female and male are similar. The crown of the head is reddish-brown, a black patch under the beak reaches to the eyes, on the white cheeks are black cheek patches. Two light bands on the wings, and the undersides of the wings are yellowish.

In winter tree sparrows rove around more widely than the house sparrows in search of food.

Tree sparrow




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