Buzzard in place

Images and video: Fleur, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Common buzzard   Hiireviu   Buteo buteo

Winter has quietly taken over on the northwestern coast and increased the ice thickness on the relict lake. Let us see how the wintery view will withstand the heat wave. White-tailed eagles prefer to have their additional feeding in an open area, if hungry they will come to the forest verge to check the scene. The ravens are there and for some days also a buzzard: that is a sure sign for eagles to keep an eye on the place.
The buzzard is a sturdy powerfully built raptor with a short tail. Round head, black beak with a yellow base, feet yellow. The plumage colour is a more complicated matter but usually gives an impression of brown. The lighter eyebrow stripe should be noted. Female birds are larger than males but the plumage is similar.
Winterers may be up to some thousand individuals; we have seen them in the web cameras earlier too.


How plumage changes the exterior of birds - the raven and the buzzard are about the same weight.




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