White-tailed eagles here

Web camera images: Knulp, LK forum
Translation: Liis

Early on Sunday morning Tiit brought roaches, bream  and crucians* to our relict lake ice. The water level was very high, the ice thin and the banks unfrozen, it was necessary to search for a place to get on to the ice. Because there was food on the banks too the birds didn’t hurry out on the open ice but the white-tailed eagles carefully observed what went on from the perching tree. Briefly, this is the story: after the curious hooded crows went to check the fish the prudent ravens were soon there too. After some more time or about half past three two eagles landed in front of the camera. A buzzard also showed a couple of times during the day.
A detailed account of the day is in the forum:

Video: Ame, LK forum
*The fish that Tiit brought  for the eagles: Rutilus rutilus; Blicca bjoerkna; Carassius carassius.




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