Video and story: Tiit Hunt,

Translation: Liis


House mouse   Koduhiir      Mus musculus

The interesting thing about this particular mouse was that before it appeared from its hole it washed and cleansed itself for nearly five minutes with the utmost care: tie straight, shoes, whiskers and fur coat glossy. A guess is that on venturing into an unknown area one should smell as little of mouse as possible …
House mice spend the summer outside ”home” - human dwellings - but still close to buildings: in gardens, parks, fields … From April to October they live and breed in simple summer burrows. They live in clans – an adult male, a couple of females and young animals and defend their territory against invaders.
What traces does the mischief-maker leave?
The urine of house mice has a strong, specific ”mouse smell”; they chew on and ruin almost anything but nothing is carried away elsewhere or hidden. The latter rather points at activities of the skilled climbers, the yellow-necked mice (Apodemus flavicollis).




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