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Text: Riho Kinks, Estonian Ornithological Society
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
 Common plover
The Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen the plovers as Birds of the Year 2012. Beginning today, the homepage of the birds of the year is open at www.eoy.ee/tullid. Here you will find information about the birds of the year, the activities planned for the plover year and how to take part in them. The page is updated continuously.
The Plover Year begins with a quiz game. During the year  there will be nine quiz nights and the questions are not only about the bird of the year. Many questions have pre-set answer alternatives, and the quiz level should suit everyone. Taking part can be as a team or singly. It is a pleasant companionable event that widens the horizons. There will be prizes for the best, and tea and snacks are served. The first quiz is on January 26, in the auditorium of the Baer house in Tartu (Veski 4), at 18.30
More information:
Jaanus Aua, 5664 9369 (Bird of the Year project leader)

Urmas Abel, 5666 0628 (Quiz)




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