Garden Bird Watch this weekend

Text: Aarne Tuule, Estonian Ornithological Society
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
 Great tits
The Estonian Ornithological Society invites all bird friends to join the Winter Garden Bird Watch – TALV 2012 – on January 28 and 29. All are welcome to take part.
It is easy to join the garden bird watch and it only takes an hour. Choose an observation spot with a good view in the garden or a park, best near a bird feeder or feeding ground, and find an hour of free time on January 28 or 29 to observe the doings of the birds in your selected spot. You can watch the birds around a bird feeder even from indoors through a window, and it can be done on your own, or with family and friends. During the hour note all bird species at the observation spot, and for each species the highest number of individual birds seen at any one time. The results should be entered on the on-line form on the Garden Bird Watch home page:
Lacking Internet please send by post to the coordinator of the event:
Estonian Ornithological Society, Veski 4, Tartu 51005
The winter garden bird survey also has a scientific aim. In this way changes in the numbers of garden birds can be seen, the causes of the changes can be traced and if needed measures taken to improve the wellbeing of garden birds. The garden bird watch also helps to draw attention to the fact that our gardens and parks are much richer in species in winter than might seem at a cursory glance.
The event - arranged for the third year - has drawn great interest in previous years: last year 1134 bird friends submitted their observations from 948 observation spots; altogether 30 973 birds from 58 species were noted. The most numerous was as expected the great tit that was observed in 95% of the observation spots and made up nearly a quarter of the total number of birds.
Detailed instructions for joining the Winter Garden Bird Watch and for submitting your data are given on the home page created for the purpose:
The results from earlier years and guidelines for identifying birds are also there.

Winter Garden Bird Watch - TALV 2012 - coordinator

Aarne Tuule




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