Spiders moving

Text: Kristel Vilbaste
Photo: (CC) Jürgen Mangelsdorf
Translation: Liis
 Zebra spider
Sunny weather sets spiders moving indoors too. When the frosts thrashed outside, the rooms became a little too cold for the  creatures but now the spring-like sun makes them move again.
The quickest to start are the zebra spiders; they settle on walls near houseplants to catch the insects on the plants. They are also very happy to live near computers which are always warm, even in the current cold. The zebra spider (Salticus scenicus) belongs to the jumping spiders (Salticidae). With its zebra-patterned abdomen and brisk jumping movements it is noticed on sunny house walls, walls and woodpiles. It catches its prey without a net – only aided by nimble feet and skilful movements.
It should be no surprise to find an eight-legged prisoner in the sink or bath, or that such a creature walks across the floor in the evening. It may be an about 10 mm long, slender and velvety-bodied sac spider, Clubiona pallidula. This spider is common on rolled–up leaves of bushes and herbaceous plants, and under tree bark but is has been found repeatedly in living rooms too. The living room of the spider itself is a sac made of fine threads. This sac spider belongs to the nocturnal spiders that don’t make nets to catch their prey but stalk it in the night.
In our houses and ancillary buildings about thirty spider species have been found according to spider researcher Asta Vilbaste. The Indians have held the spider to be our ancestress who taught us the art of weaving.




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