Roe bucks have nice antlers already

Video: Ame, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Roe deer; chevreuil   Metskits ehk kaber   Capreolus capreolus
In late autumn we saw the first "stick“ antlers on young roe deer bucks. In February these were shed. New, proper antlers start to grow in March-April, but on some individuals budding antler bumps can already be seen.
The older bucks have been growing antlers for more than a month. In late April or early May the buck’s pride is shown off in full measure. Can the age of a buck be determined from the antlers? The most strongly branched antlers are worn by strong and healthy male bucks in their middle age. Three-pointed antlers for instance are worn by four years old bucks. The antlers of old bucks are often defect or grow crisscrossed.
In late winter-early spring roe deer still move in flocks. In May bucks find a territory of their own which has to be marked out against rivals. At this time the special fur, or velvet, on the antlers is rubbed off.




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