Tiina and Tiit at the nest

Web camera image: Macko, LK forum
Translation: Liis
At left in the photo, a little larger and with clearer white markings in the black plumage, is the male.
Typically the black stork males are the earlier arrivals, to occupy the nest sites, but it is no hard and fast rule. This year too female stork Tiina arrived to the nest on March 28th, on the same day that the camera went in operation. She had to spend the whole snowy and cold "lark winter“ alone in the nest, waiting for her mate. As emphasized earlier already black storks arrive singly to the nesting area.
Tiina waited for a “baker’s dozen“ of days for her male who arrived yesterday night; the worm of doubt had started preying on the mind – how will nesting this year turn out?
Can we look forward to the first egg in the nest on Sunday?
An overview of the day, in pictures and videos, is on the forum, everything down to details are recorded:




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