Lesser spotted eagles have one egg to hatch

Web camera images: Bea, LK forum
Translation: Liis

The lesser spotted eagle pair nests for the second year in the former black stork nest: Tuuli and Remo. The male bird, to the left, has darker plumage and is slightly smaller than the female.
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In the nest built by the lesser spotted eagles themselves and used for years, Eha and Koit too have one egg to incubate. It is seldom that more than one eaglet fledges, but so this year death of the last hatched chick will not be on camera. Food resources may be mediocre this year, there are frogs but few mice.
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Image from Latvian nest: Fleur, LK forum
Forum members call the "Latvians“ Metra and Macho. The female bird’s plumage is lighter and they have two eggs to incubate this year....
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