About the black storks and news from the clinic

Video clip: Macko, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Today, Friday, our black storklets are two months old. They make flying exercises in the nest, but the aerodrome and the runway are small. Within a few more weeks they must find the courage to get into the harsh real world on wing power and learn all other things needed for survival – at least fish species to hunt should be clear.
Information from Dr Madis Leivits at the clinic:

Storklet Lenny has now been  a bit over 2 weeks in the clinic for treatment and I'm able to give you some deductions.
First, the cutting fracture has not healed well. I can’t point my finger at an exact cause but it seems that the cut has been too deep into the soft tissue around the broken bone (cartilage) so it may have damaged some important vessels and the remaining blood-vessels don't provide sufficient perfusion to the injured distal part of the fractured beak. Also, the beak is soft and bendy (not like an adult beak) so the stability has been a issue.
The second thing is that his siblings are getting ready to fly. We have talked about it and we are sure that under these circumstances it is not possible to put the storklet back into the nest. Our current plan is to proceed with the treatments of the bird and give some peaceful time for the beak to heal.
When the beak has healed the storklet needs to learn and go trough some nature survival skills, eg. needs to catch live fish from artificial pond (all my patients go through some species specific survival skill testing before releasing them back to wild)

Well... that's the news for now, not the greatest but he feels great and is pretty feisty to handle for treatments.
Madis Leivits, DVM
Estonian Fund for Nature

The information from Dr. Leivits is from his post in the LK forum




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