New Estonian fish guide published

Fish are not cold, dumb sea inhabitants with a glazed stare – a fish can smell of fresh cucumber or garden thyme, a fish can growl, shiver, peep or gurgle, a fish can have a “babe face“ or walk along the bottom.
So a fascinating and varied company of fishes swim up to us in this reference book meant for a wide audience. Tiit Hunt presents them in the best possible way –  photos that impressively bring up the individuality and character of the underwater models are added to descriptions of the fishes.
Nearly 70 fish species living in Estonian waters are described in the book. In addition to Estonian and Latin names the name in the languages of the countries bordering to the Baltic is added to each description of a species: in Finnish, Swedish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Danish, Russian, Polish and English.
Publisher: VARRAK
Translation: Liis




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