New Cameras

New Cameras


Fifth season started on last winter days

Text and photo: Algis Martsoo
Translation: Liis
March 19th at Tipu.
In the previous two springs we have seen two real record floods in Soomaa. The 2010 spring flood ranked fourth and the 2011 one sixth in the history of EMHI’s Riisa water level recording station. A third in a row, of the same magnitude, was thought to come. This might have happened too because in December 2011 – January 2012 there was exceptionally much precipitation. And alas, it fell as rain that caused a pre-winter flooding lasting 7 weeks and mightier than many spring floods. This flood partly still remains as ice on the floodplains of Soomaa. And the winter following it came with an above-average snowfall. An air temperature on the positive side for three days and nights, and the rain that fell tonight, March 19th, have turned on a powerful rise in the water level, that promises a big flood above average to be arriving soon.

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(with link to current direct water level image)