What do we know about Linda and Sulev?

Translation: Liis

New Linda and Sulev fans have asked for information on the already familiar white-tailed eagles, who are now settling down to breed in our web camera nest.

We don’t know very much either, but still some:

The same eagle pair has probably been breeding in this territory at least from 2005. In their previous nest (from where Linda and Sulev’s nest life was shown on web camera) our eagle pair was nesting from the start of their family life. Renno discovered the nest in 2007. 
In the winter of 2009 we installed a web camera at the nest, assisted by Olari Taal; at first quite far from the nest. We did not know then how the eagles would accept the camera eye. Two eaglets fledged, and no problems appeared.
In 2010 we moved the camera to the nest tree, to reduce the movements due to the different swaying of separate trees. Again two eaglets flew out from the nest to an independent life.
In 2011 the eagle pair set the nest in order, but did not lay eggs. Instead a mallard moved into the nest, and laid a number of eggs, until a passing young white-tailed eagle devoured them.
In 2012 a buzzard settled in the eagle nest, laid an egg and incubated it, but no chick was hatched.
We never saw Linda and Sulev at the old nest in 2012. It is possible that the pair skipped breeding in 2011, but in 2012 three eaglets were hatched in Linda and Sulev’s new nest. One eaglet was killed, two fledged.

Sulev’s origins we don’t know, but Linda was hatched in the Alam-Pedja nature protection area, in a clutch of two eaglets, and her ringer was Einar Tammur.

Linda has been captured in a photo in the winter of 2009 nearly 20 km from the nest by wildlife photographer Valeri Štšerbatõhh





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