A week in the forest – colours of the night sky

Photographed and written by Marko Kübarsepp
Translation: SilverT

This time, Hall (Grey) and his partner chose to sleep in a mating spot, trampled by raccoon dogs. Halliste river, March 19
March is proving to be the coldest month of this winter. There is plenty of sunshine during daytime and according to the calendar, spring has begun. What`s more, magnetic storms, which started three weekends ago, provided a show of different colours in the night sky. It would be interesting to know how the forest creatures see and sense these events in areas which are free of light pollution.

Northern winds were exceptionally cold this March, but the sun was already warming up nicely in windbreaks. March and April are months when wolves like to sleep „outside“. While in the summer and autumn wolves seek shelter from hungry mosquitoes and in the winter from the cold and wind, during this time of the year wolves love to lie down in open fields and enjoy the first warm sunbeams after a long time. Preferred sleeping spots include, for example, open grounds in the bog or distant river meadows.




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