Wolf track

Photographed and written by Mats Kangur

Wolf is entering the snowless period
Some remaining spots of snow can be found in the forest, but soon also those will disappear. The time when one could follow wolf tracks is coming to an end for now.
Family lives of wolves are entering a period which focuses on the litter and travel circles of wolves are narrower now. People in the old days have noticed that the cattle also won`t be touched after St George`s Day (Jüripäev).
The footprint on the picture was captured during a rainy daybreak. The author had come to observe grouse lek on a distant clearing and happened to prefer the same area of the bog as the wolf did. The wolf was probably lurking near the lek  for nodding cocks. This could not have been a successful raid, since the number of cocks in the lek remained the same.
By the time the grouse lek was over that morning, the footprint on the picture had also disappeared. Snow is melting rapidly with rain.




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