Cover to cover vol 8

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Pike; northern pike      Haug        Esox lucius

Based on my experience, pike is a fish that is the easiest to photograph in Estonian inland waters. It is only tricky to find the right specimen, who would not escape from the distance of a couple of meters. Once you have gained the trust of the fish, you can literally go under the nose or even against the nose of the fish. Having spent hours and hours under water observing the life and behaviour of pikes, I sometimes think, do fishermen really know where pikes actually are. I am not exactly sure where the couple of hundred fishing lures on the wall of Estonian Divers Club (Eesti Sukeldujate Klubi) come from, but the couple of dozens of lures, which I have found myself in the water, have really been far from the hiding spots of pikes. I`m also not sure if it is ethical to share this inner information, which has been gathered over time, with fishermen. Anyway, meeting a pike face to face still gets the adrenalin pump going. 




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