Raivo Arrives

Text: Urmas Sellis
Photo: Joosep Tuvi

The last two years, black stork Raivo has made long migration stops in Israel and then flown on to southern Kenya to winter. This year's behavior is no different. Now, the only one of our acquaintances left at the Israeli fishponds is Oss.
Raivo left his nesting grounds on his fall journey on August 21st, flew 3,500 kilometers, and arrived in the Jordan River Valley on September 10th. He spent more than three months there at the fishponds, and then continued his fall (or should we say winter?) migration on December 16th.

To reach his destination in Ramisi Village at the southern tip of Kenya, it took Raivo exactly two weeks (arrival on December 31st at 2:10 pm). From Israel to his wintering grounds is 4,500 kilometers, and including this we can measure his migration path at 8,000 kilometers. Raivo's winter data arrives every two weeks.
Raivo's journey can be seen on the map below:
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