Keep an eye on the migration of buzzards

Information from Estonian Ornithological Society
Photo Urmas Sellis
Translation Liis
 Kordian in western Põlvamaa before starting on his migration
The autumn migration is in full swing; the greater part of our buzzards leave together with the other migrant birds. In the year of the buzzards their migration can be tracked virtually too because two male buzzards from Põlvamaa carry GPS transmitters. The first of them is Villu, already familiar since spring, the other the young bird Kordian hatched this spring. They are however not relatives.
First to start the autumn migration was young Kordian. He left his familiar fields and groves on October 5th. At first he headed straight southwards but at the Latvian border he adjusted the direction slightly towards southwest. In two days  he reached Lithuania where he is making a pause and sampling the local mice. Villu is still in his nesting territory, but as he started his migration last year already on October 4th it is worthwhile to keep close watch on him. But who knows, maybe Villu will surprise us and instead stays in Estonia for the winter?
The buzzards are the last of our birds with transmitters to leave Estonia. The others are already migrating or have even reached their wintering areas. See and find out for yourself on the migration map: LINK
The Estonian Ornithological Society nominates a Bird of the Year since 1995. Read more about the birds of this year, the buzzards, on the Estonian Ornithological Society’s website: LINK

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