Greater Spotted Eagle Tõnn Surprises

Text: Urmas Sellis
Images: Google Earth
Tõnn, once having flown from a nest in Estonia’s Lääne County, left his wintering grounds on April 13th and got himself moving in a northern direction. On April 17th, Tõnn made it to France and kept on going. A couple of days back one might have though that he’d roughly follow the same route he took in the fall (the green line on the map below).
But after reaching the German border in the western part of the state of Saarland (quite close to Luxembourg), Tõnn took a due-north course. Overnighting near Delden in Holland, Tõnn reached the North Sea in the northwest corner of the state of Niedersachsen in the village of Altfunnixsiel on the evening of April 25th:
On the evening of April 25th, Tõnn stopped in the trees on the left edge of the photo.
We don’t dare to predict Tõnn’s next move! Whether he goes on to Holland or stays longer in Germany—that will become clear in the next transmission…




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