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Spot ringed

Text: Urmas Sellis, Eagle Club
Video: Urmas Lett
Translation: Liis
See video - 12.07.2009.
On Sunday, Eagle Club’s co-ordinator for Jõgeva and Tartu counties, Joosep Tuvi, ringed the eaglet called Spot by viewers all over the world, in the lesser spotted eagle nest monitored by web camera.

For the third year now spotted eagles ringed in Estonia get rings on both legs: the traditional aluminium ring on the right leg and on the left leg a plastic ring with letters that can be read from a greater distance. In Estonia the plastic ring is white; it is orange in Latvia, green in Lithuania, red in Poland etc. So Spot is now a participant in the European programme for spotted eagle coloured ringing!

The letters on Spot’s white ring are JS, which can be read as, for instance, “Joosep-ringed Spot”. Just now Spot is the eaglet who has grown fastest of all in the visited spotted eagle nests, but half the nests have not been checked yet. 

An English translation of Joosep's comments in the video during the ringing is on the LSE forum  (link here).