Alutaguse and the doings of brown bears

Image from Alutaguse: Bert Rähni,
Translation: Liis
The bears of Alutaguse plan for their winter sleep and their activities are clearly noticeable.  -  Large male bear near the Alutaguse bear hide on October 22, at 1 o’clock in the night.
The fattening up period of the brown bears, a preparation for the winter hibernation, is soon coming to an end and in places the brown bears no longer visit feeding grounds.  They are looking for reasonably dry sleeping places and the bear mothers must teach their young how to do this; they go for hibernation near each other. But before going to sleep the intestines must be thoroughly emptied: that takes about a month.  
When the wild berries were gone the bears moved to grain fields. There are less oats sown than earlier but the more of wheat. Abandoned apple orchards are checked and so are the feeding sites of hunters. Protein reserves might be topped up by finding some carcass.

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