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A webcam on a Golden Eagle Nest in Soomaa region
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Welcome to this new webcam on a Golden Eagle nest in Soomaa.

We want to be as relaxed as possible, and help members to enjoy this forum. While having regard to the forum wide rules about picture size (800x600)and number of pics/videos per post(3) please post as much as you want. Try to banish the "double post" restriction. If you have prepared pictures, videos and text, please, please, post it. Your post is really wanted here. Please do not delete or withold your post just because another member has posted something similar before you. This forum is no place for a competiton about who posts first. All members are equal.

On other forums within Looduskalender, where there is one specified moderator, please respect the rules posted by that moderator as before.
This Golden Eagle forum will not have only one Moderator - as a team, we shall all do what is needed. There will not be separate Obsevation/Discussion topics.
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Re: Golden Eagle Webcam Forum

Post by yorky » October 1st, 2018, 9:37 am

Urmas wrote:
September 30th, 2018, 4:48 pm
Golden Eagle cam was turned down during a stormy day. Probably nobody noticed exactly, when it happened. Most probably there was not eagle who hit a cam, but some falling branch or something like that.
In coming days we remove nest cameras, except White-tailed Eagle cam. The WtE cam will be repaired, but we hope to keep it working over winter. No more autonomous power stations to produce energy during dark time as only one. Changing of batteries is too much time and fuel consuming and not much to see actually trough other cameras.
More reasonable is to make a brake and in spring to install these again.
i look forward to the new web cams in the sea eagle & golden eagle nests in 2019

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Post by Jo UK » October 6th, 2018, 12:36 pm

Please will you join us at the Birthday Celebration topic? ... =110&t=947

Would you like to tell us how you found your way to this forum and if you have memories of important or special times? When you joined is less important than why you joined!

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