Black Stork Webcam - Tiit & Tiina 2011

Cameras Watching over Black Storks nest
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Re: Black Stork Webcam - New Nest.

Post by Bleggi » September 24th, 2011, 12:06 pm

Now the time has come where some of the cams get off and soon some other ones start working.
Let me say "Thank you" to everybody who took care that everything went well with the Black Stork Webcam - all the lovers of blackstorks who worked for us viewers, everybody who shared pictures and reports with us and especially a very big "Thank you" to Felis, who spent so many hours for translating, catching pictures from other reports or cams.
Let us hope we will meet one or the other one of "our" storks next year.
Kindest regards and "see you again"


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